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General Information Email Services - General Help Overview

UC Irvine Health Information Services (HIS) provides a department level electronic messaging system within the University of California, Irvine campus network.  Our messaging system is designed to accommodate state and federal regulations related to patient information, business continuity, healthcare operations and UC Irvine Medical Center centric operations.  Because of the defined regulatory requirements that we must satisfy we operate on a commercial messaging platform.  Currently Health Affairs bases our electronic messaging systems on Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, with SharePoint Portal Services providing enhanced file sharing capability. 

Our current system is funded by UC Irvine Health and our level of service and support is dictated by this budget level.  In fiscal year 2007/2008 we will upgrade from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007.  The planning and design that was used envisioned a more robust environment in terms of accessibility, storage and support.  Mailbox quotas will be expanded to double or triple the current sizes (based on job requirements).  Access from on campus and off campus will evolve into a more user friendly experience.  We expect support will become a lot more user friendly, with more web based help available.  Access to support such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and direct links to HSIS support personnel being available via Outlook Web Access's login page.

General Topics of Concern:


Typically quotas are assigned by work requirements.  Currently almost all users have quotas that max out at 105MB.  The reason for that figure was affordability of storage disk on high performance Storage Area Network (SAN) disk systems.  In 2003 the cost of 1 terabyte of usable SAN disk storage was more than $60,000, and that didn't include the chassis or subsystems. In 2007 the cost of 1 terabyte of usable SAN disk storage was $10,000.  Currently HSIS provides email services for over 8,6000 mailboxes.  Adding up the number of mailboxes and the capacity of storage they require does add up.  We also exponentially increase costs as we raise quota levels because backups and disaster recovery costs rise with almost equal costs for each additional TB of storage we give our users.  Offsite storage of backup media, system administration and recovery times all get more complex as quotas increase.   

Email Recovery

UC Irvine Health Information Services email recovery policy is dictated by our system design and funding.  All deleted email is available for recovery via Outlook 2007 or Outlook Web Access within 14 days of the deletion.  For more information on recovering this data please look here.  We cannot accommodate a mailbox level recovery of any information unless requested by the Dean's Office or by a senior UC Irvine Health manager such as the CIO/CFO/CEO.  All requests for recovered data must be submitted as a ticket to the Help Desk or directly to the Postmaster at  A recovery that is deemed as required for business continuity sake will take up to 14 days.  Offsite tapes must be recovered and this work will be done as staff have available time to accommodate the request.