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MAR 17With $9 million in NASA funding, UC Irvine professor of radiation oncology, Charles Limoli, will lead a national effort to study underlying mechanisms of ‘space brain’.
MAR 12Dr. Dan Cooper, chair of the Department of Pediatrics, is named Pediatrician of the Year by the American Academy of Pediatrics-Orange County Chapter.
MAR 11Dr. Howard Federoff named UC Irvine vice chancellor for health affairs and dean of medicine.
MAR 04We’re taking cancers that are previously incurable and we’re curing them, says Dr. Richard Van Etten, director of the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.
FEB 26In the March issue of Discover, UC Irvine's Frank LaFerla says finding a treatment for Alzheimer's disease is like "trying to put out a raging fire with a bucket of water."
FEB 20UC Irvine melanoma researcher Dr. Frank E. Meyskens comments on a Science article on how the sun’s rays continue to damage skin cells long after it sets.
FEB 19Anthony James, UC Irvine professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, comments on the mosquito gene trial in the Florida Keys.
FEB 18UC Irvine professor, Daniele Piomelli, shares research discoveries on a signaling process that is at the heart of the accelerated aging influenced by methamphetamine abuse.
FEB 17Charles Limoli, UC Irvine professor of radiation oncology, shares how human neural stem cell treatments are showing promise for reversing learning and memory deficits after chemotherapy.
FEB 13People who consider suicide don't want to die, but are looking to escape intolerable suffering, says Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior.
FEB 11 UC Irvine and Italian scientists limit accelerated cellular aging caused by methamphetamine use.
FEB 10UC Irvine Health first in Orange County to use remote heart failure monitoring system.
FEB 09UC Irvine Health neurosurgeon Dr. Sumeet Vadera talks about the use of the Rosa robot in complex brain surgery.
FEB 09The Society of Gynecologic Oncology honors UC Irvine Health surgeon Dr. Ramez Eskander with its 2015 Presidential Award.
FEB 05The Department of Urology's High School Summer Surgery Program will accept applications starting March 1. Space is limited. Learn more ›
JAN 29UC Irvine geriatric neurologist, Claudia Kawas, has been working on a longitudinal study of people age 90 and older since 2003 called the 90-plus study.
JAN 22UC Irvine medical students and undergraduates, led by family medicine specialist Dr. Baotran Vo, help the uninsured at new student-founded Free Clinic Project.
JAN 15UC Irvine anatomy and neurobiology professor, David Reinkensmeyer, discusses the technology behind a device designed for stroke patients called the music glove.
JAN 07Adding anti-oxidants to one's diet may not prolong life span, a UC Irvine study finds.
JAN 06Body-clock rhythms play a key role in the metabolism and division of cells, UC Irvine researchers find in a study published in Cell Reports.