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Dr. Howard Federoff named CEO of UC Irvine Health

Vice Chancellor Howard J. Federoff, MD, adds CEO of UC Irvine Health and UC Irvine Medical Center to his portfolio.

UC Irvine researchers work to defeat Alzheimer's disease

Fighting Alzheimer's disease

A new case of Alzheimer's disease is diagnosed every 70 seconds in the United States, contributing $148 billion a year to healthcare costs. UC Irvine researchers are working on several fronts to combat the disease.

Pharmacy careers are gaining in popularity at UC Irvine

A head start for pharmacy careers

The innovative curriculum in UC Irvine's Pharmaceutical Sciences program makes it UC Irvine’s next hot major.

Howard Federoff, MD, PhD

Neuroscientist becomes UC Irvine vice chancellor of Health Affairs

Renowned neuroscientist Dr. Howard J. Federoff becomes UC Irvine vice chancellor of Health Affairs.

Nursing mind and memory

Nursing mind and memory

Ruth Mulnard, founding faculty member in UC Irvine's nursing program, directs brain-related clinical studies.

Halting herpes eye disease

Halting herpes eye disease

A vaccine created by Gavin Herbert Eye Institute researchers Lbachir BenMohamed and Dr. Anthony Nesburn may prevent a leading cause of blindness and more.